Thursday, 18 October 2018

aboriginal art symbols

today for class we did for class  we did the symbols art mines about there ppl run out of water and then poousims get all there food they eat the but then someone dies and they have river but they cant get over to the meeting place




Writing: 2 Weeks Or 3 weeks go it Was The first day of the holidays.

and i went with my cousins to rainbow end we had lots of

fun we the first ride we went on was the roller coaster we went up and we put our hands up air it was fun on the roller

coaster then we went of the bumpy cars it was fun but then

my mum and dad want us so we went to them and they said the

y were going to the carnival rides so we went of the pirate ship

my cousin Lucian got sick so we went off

who: me and my my and dad and cousins

when: in the holidays

where: rainbow end i felt surprised why: my cousin birthday