Friday, 25 May 2018

tummy ache

                          this is my tummy  ache idk if u like it

assembly recount

 ...i hope u like this idk if u do

2018 choose it narrative

On one night a plane was just flying around UNTIL someone interrupted his flight then a guy with a water jet came out of nowhere HE pushed him off his plane the plane guy tackled the water jet guy down they were fighting under water UNTIL the saw there own machines fighting on themselves for hours until they ran out of power and landed on the pilots of the machines then a cyclone came and washed there machines away.they couldn't stop the cyclone s they worked together to stop it after hours they still couldn’t stop it so they both went in the  they died

Friday, 4 May 2018

forces and flight Animation

                         my animation  plan for term 2 me and my class are doing i like to move it animation
                         hope u like it BC i worked hard on it

Thursday, 5 April 2018

my mesure thng

She sees eggs. She sees milk. She sees juice.

She looks in the cabinet.
She sees cereal. She sees sugar. She sees bowls. She sees glasses.

She drinks juice from a glass.
She eats cereal with sugar and milk.
She cooks an egg.
Kim eats breakfast.
No sources were consulted in the composition of this passage.








magic number.

    hop u enjoyed my magic number :)