Tuesday, 21 August 2018

wk 4 narrative

One day  Two boy called josh and joe went for a walk on the path. until they heard the volcano erupting the lava started to spread more  and so they go to on the roof for safety. and stay so they won't get burnt from the lava but then they forgot the blankets and the bellows. but they were to late. so they slept up on the roof for the night.after that night

then Joe went off silently and then he saw the volcano erupting he tried to get on
the roof but he fell off and then died

writting and plannning

It was Monday the first day back at school we all went to assembly and we all saw the team's movies that the teacher did they were all amazing team 5 was looked cool as the the funny part was will Mr Goodwin  will ever get a high five and team 4 was a yoga class movie and team 3 was cool and team 2 and 1 then all of us went to class


last week we did our DMIC group so my group will focus on sharing our idea with  the group

Thursday, 26 July 2018

team 4 animation 2018

so we did our animation plan for this year for us all fours so hope u like it