Saturday, 8 December 2018

Nets and 3D shapes

so this my taks for this week we had to do this we had to put the 2D shps in the other one and the other in the other one and then we had to do the other task hope u like it

Friday, 30 November 2018


so this is my task we have to spin the dice if we get the number on the paper we had to tick 

Cave Art Animation

Multiplication/division task

so this is my task we had to do all this 80 x 10 thats what we had to do
heres the link
3 x 4
                                                      heres the link
80 x 3

Multiplying Madness task

so this is my Multiplying Madness task this is our task for Wk 7
 here is the link

Wk 7 Screencastify

so this is my Screencastify this is about our Dmic but we have
to make a video explaining how we did it and figured it out

here is the link

Wednesday, 28 November 2018


limerick Task


Once there was a boy in  GI
                                     His credit card would always declined
                                    Every Sunday he was bored on Monday
                                     He bit a cord he wanted to be a lord
                                     He wanted a toy sword he went forward

                                     But tripped over a cord he got up and got the
                                     Toy sword but then tripped over a cord
                                      Then he down like he always will never be a
                                       Lord without a sword then he went home
                                       And wanted a ice cream cone he felt so



Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Animation Voice Over

Characters? 3 warriors  
Setting? The forest
Problem? The wolf is too fast

Solution? They shoot arrows at the wolf's legs

Many years ago there was a tribe who wanted to hunt a dire wolf. But
They didn't have enough power until one day they had a strategy.

So they went to there cave and stole their meat. Then one goes and a spear kills one of them.
The mover and cub run back. The mother gets killed and the pub.
now they have enough food for the months the .end.

so this is my animation voice over this voice over is for when our animation is done and we can
enplane it when it going down the slides

HOPE U LIKE I here is the link

Thursday, 15 November 2018

multiplication art task

this is my art i did we need to paint in the boxes with 258 and 148 orange
for black 35 and 56 or something we had to paint black and we had to paint the colour red in a box if the answer was  100 we had to paint it red

here is the link

keyhole narrative part 2

One day there were three kids and their names were called jack James and may once when they were walking down the tunnel they saw a floating island and they were curious how was it was floating so they jumped on the island James when in the house and explored jack went down the the mental hole
Then he got stuck James was so distracted that he didn't know jack was  stuck 2 hours and was asleep then he woke 1 hour later he got out and was angry at James when they saw may
She was so scared they grabbed may when they went outside
When they were outside they realised that they were leaving the town on the floating island after 2 days they were still
On the floating island from a dissents they saw the town
But when they got closer it wasn't the town it was just another
Town they were sad :(  so went back in the house then jack got
Stuck back in the mental tunnel  may saw spiders and freaked out so much she ran outside and James fell down the mental tunnel and got stuck with jack

It was night time then may was wondering where James and
Jack was she look down the mental then fall down the mental tunnel and all 3 of them were stuck another 1 day past then they escape the mental tunnel  then they were at another village at the village they saw a house so they went inside and had dinner and had a rest

The next day past then the floating island was still there they went on the floating island and went off when they were going
They saw another village they saw so much villagers they didn't like the floating then they saw there village .the end.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Tuesday, 13 November 2018


so this is my dmic we did like 53 x 31 = 1643 
and 50 x 30 = 1500 
and we also broke up th 30 and the 1 and tht was the same with the 50 and the 3 

Thursday, 8 November 2018


so this is the dmic we did we did like 28 x 63 = 1764   
and 6 x 3 = 24 
and 28 x 200 = 5600 
we also broke all the numbers up 
and multiplied them 
and our finally 
answer was 1680 + 84 = 1764   kids 

Monday, 5 November 2018


so this is my Dmic blog post so we did this maths like this 20 x 3 = 60 and
20 x 60 = 1200 and we all together to get it done but went so we had to do the rest
and this was our second time doing well

Thursday, 1 November 2018


This reading task is about these ladies who go in a pange and make a bed sheet and their design
of their pattern is their signature. hey do different designs like one of hem used pink flowers and
the back i purple

o this is my reading task  this book is about these lady s  go in a group and do bed sheet
and they add different colours and there patterns is there name like one of them used
pink flowers and the purple is like at the back of it and thy always do it at night
and there group is called a pange

that really stinks

  • One day Sam was in the bathroom on his sisters phone when he was on his sister phone. he was doing a fart noise when he was playing it a tentacle came out of the toilet. then 3 more came out when Sam turned around the tentacles tried to get the phone. then they finally got it and went in the sewers in the sewers the crocodiles were the taxes so Sam did it to  when Sam was catching up he arrived at the monster's lair. And saw 5 more was dark purple and the other 2 we light purple and the small one was pink and there was one boy the was red and there was the dad the dad was the one that Tock the phone and the Mom was purple.and the whole family was by the rock and the dad was holding the phone and was curious how Sam played the fart noise
  • so this is my based on a movie and we had to right about the end and see who got the ending right
  • and who ever did would get a chocolate egg and so the movie is based on this bot sam who gots his sisters

hope u like it     

Wednesday, 31 October 2018


so today me and my partners did our DMic 1 i liked how we all works together and shared our ideas

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

writing recount

it started at 1.34 then we went to the skydiving place i felt really nervous so my first start
I got the hang of it so i did it more then i tried a better one but my brother tried a better one it was only for 17  year old or over i was sad :( but then i tried the same one and i got used to it i did it so much i forgot my lunch in my bag then i went to my parents but they u were not aloud food in there so we went then went rock climbing it was fun my first rock climbing one was a hard one it was calls blocks
It was fun and i completed it then i got i band around my wrist then the overs i tried for hours until we had some pizza it was fun so i tried more and more until i was tired and sweating so i drank some water and i had my energy back so i went on more

Next one i tried was volcano it was awesome it was a medium   after volcano i tried the green stork it awesome too then i saw the adults they looked cool i really wanted  to try but kids weren't aloud next one i tried the rocket ship it was fun real fun

After that one i tried the temple it was fun and awesome it was so big u  could race people too that was my fav until we had to go but we stayed for 2 more hours it was so fun for me there were even video games after to hours of rock climbing and video game  we stayed another 2 hours

Then me and my brother had one last rock climb then we went to the video games and play our arms off it was fun then we went for more rock climbing then more and more

The more we did the more stayed then we did more and more til we stopped and did video games  i did this gun game when u have to shoot these alien ships down to get ships to get points and i got all of them down i was good at the game then i did a racing game that was good at the game to then i went rock climbing again it was wicked then i went on the volcano again then we had to find Izaak that was hiding in the pirate ship

Then all of the kids and i stayed more and more then we all were waiting in line for the extreme er it was the best after 30 mins it was finally my turn and it was epic so i did it took me 40 mins just to get up but it was worth it and it then after that on the speaker they said we all had to leave

Thursday, 18 October 2018

aboriginal art symbols

today for class we did for class  we did the symbols art mines about there ppl run out of water and then poousims get all there food they eat the but then someone dies and they have river but they cant get over to the meeting place




Writing: 2 Weeks Or 3 weeks go it Was The first day of the holidays.

and i went with my cousins to rainbow end we had lots of

fun we the first ride we went on was the roller coaster we went up and we put our hands up air it was fun on the roller

coaster then we went of the bumpy cars it was fun but then

my mum and dad want us so we went to them and they said the

y were going to the carnival rides so we went of the pirate ship

my cousin Lucian got sick so we went off

who: me and my my and dad and cousins

when: in the holidays

where: rainbow end i felt surprised why: my cousin birthday

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Dmic 1


Animation plan

so this is my animation plan this task is for when we finish our animation we do our voice when its done we post it on our blog                 

here is the link

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

independent problems

task 2

draft 1


What materials/things do you need for your sport?

Objective/ Goal:
What is the goal of your game? How do players win?

Tennis rackets and a ball
we are learning how to make our own games
  • The task is to make our own game
    • I enjoyed it a lot
      • Choosing the equipment

Where can your game be played

Competition/ Cooperation:
Explain how the players have to cooperate. Explain how the players compete.
U have to keep bouncing the  ball up and down until you get tired

How many players are needed? How many teams are there?
10 players and 2 teams

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

vilaimi my hauora

The four dimensions the four dimensions are  Taha Tinana means physical well being, Taha Hinengaro mental and emotional well being, Taha Whanau spiritual well being, Taha Wairua social well being.

Taha Tinana mean physical well-being.I walk to school everyday so I can get exercise. At morning tea I play tag with me Friends I do the same thing and lunch time

Taha hinengaro means mental well-being.When I have a family fest I have chopsewe   and Popo. Pizza and kfc and mcdonalds

Thursday, 30 August 2018

miss west point of view

The mother sheep followed me around the path picking up

her past she realised at a touching  dissidents of her lam

she let out a load leap that echoed across the paddick the

sleep lam lifted her head and turns towards us and slowly

returning to its sleep as  the sheep got closer and closer i

thought i should run i began to panic was she going to

attack me holding my breath i froze i

sided as the sheep

dodged me as protectively to its lam few

That was a close call

Monday, 27 August 2018

dmic 1 book

so me and my group are gonna work on sharing our ideas with the group and focusing for DMIC and sharing the book and penceil

Thursday, 23 August 2018

DMIC 2 book

so me and DMIC group did our DMIC task so my group is going to focus on his sharing the book and pencil with the group

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

peephole narrrative

One day  Two boy called josh and joe went for a walk on the path. until they heard the volcano erupting the lava started to spread more  and so they go to on the roof for safety. and stay so they won't get burnt from the lava but then they forgot the blankets and the bellows. but they were to late. so they slept up on the roof for the night.after there big rest they noticed the volcano stopped.later that day
It came back it even worse than before it burned everything so josh and joe had to jump so they did`but josh didn't see joe but then joe showed up he was  bleeding on his arm from the lava then joe nearly got hit on arm but it missed and then they escaped and got away in time and went the volcano but then joe fell in the volcano and died and then josh  went back
to the the town and went to sleep up on the roof by himself and then this  happened joe game back and he told him how he got out alive then they had another rest woke up  and they went to the volcano and noticed that it was all not erupting but last night it erupted  so they went off the hill and went for a swim in the reven when it reached 3.00 a clock They went back to the house and went inside and everything .was  burnt inside and then they saw there rooms and there stuff in there rooms weren’t burnt and and there black were and there balows so they got then went to sleep then they woke up and had a another swim in the reven for a while
Soon later at

writting and plannning

It was Monday the first day back at school we all went to assembly and we all saw the team's movies that the teacher did they were all amazing team 5 was looked cool as the the funny part was will Mr Goodwin  will ever get a high five and team 4 was a yoga class movie and team 3 was cool and team 2 and 1 then all of us went to class


last week we did our DMIC group so my group will focus on sharing our idea with  the group