Tuesday, 11 September 2018

independent problems

task 2

draft 1


What materials/things do you need for your sport?

Objective/ Goal:
What is the goal of your game? How do players win?

Tennis rackets and a ball
we are learning how to make our own games
  • The task is to make our own game
    • I enjoyed it a lot
      • Choosing the equipment

Where can your game be played

Competition/ Cooperation:
Explain how the players have to cooperate. Explain how the players compete.
U have to keep bouncing the  ball up and down until you get tired

How many players are needed? How many teams are there?
10 players and 2 teams

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

vilaimi my hauora

The four dimensions the four dimensions are  Taha Tinana means physical well being, Taha Hinengaro mental and emotional well being, Taha Whanau spiritual well being, Taha Wairua social well being.

Taha Tinana mean physical well-being.I walk to school everyday so I can get exercise. At morning tea I play tag with me Friends I do the same thing and lunch time

Taha hinengaro means mental well-being.When I have a family fest I have chopsewe   and Popo. Pizza and kfc and mcdonalds

Thursday, 30 August 2018

miss west point of view

The mother sheep followed me around the path picking up

her past she realised at a touching  dissidents of her lam

she let out a load leap that echoed across the paddick the

sleep lam lifted her head and turns towards us and slowly

returning to its sleep as  the sheep got closer and closer i

thought i should run i began to panic was she going to

attack me holding my breath i froze i

sided as the sheep

dodged me as protectively to its lam few

That was a close call

Monday, 27 August 2018

dmic 1 book

so me and my group are gonna work on sharing our ideas with the group and focusing for DMIC and sharing the book and penceil

Thursday, 23 August 2018

DMIC 2 book

so me and DMIC group did our DMIC task so my group is going to focus on his sharing the book and pencil with the group

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

peephole narrrative

One day  Two boy called josh and joe went for a walk on the path. until they heard the volcano erupting the lava started to spread more  and so they go to on the roof for safety. and stay so they won't get burnt from the lava but then they forgot the blankets and the bellows. but they were to late. so they slept up on the roof for the night.after there big rest they noticed the volcano stopped.later that day
It came back it even worse than before it burned everything so josh and joe had to jump so they did`but josh didn't see joe but then joe showed up he was  bleeding on his arm from the lava then joe nearly got hit on arm but it missed and then they escaped and got away in time and went the volcano but then joe fell in the volcano and died and then josh  went back
to the the town and went to sleep up on the roof by himself and then this  happened joe game back and he told him how he got out alive then they had another rest woke up  and they went to the volcano and noticed that it was all not erupting but last night it erupted  so they went off the hill and went for a swim in the reven when it reached 3.00 a clock They went back to the house and went inside and everything .was  burnt inside and then they saw there rooms and there stuff in there rooms weren’t burnt and and there black were and there balows so they got then went to sleep then they woke up and had a another swim in the reven for a while
Soon later at

writting and plannning

It was Monday the first day back at school we all went to assembly and we all saw the team's movies that the teacher did they were all amazing team 5 was looked cool as the the funny part was will Mr Goodwin  will ever get a high five and team 4 was a yoga class movie and team 3 was cool and team 2 and 1 then all of us went to class


last week we did our DMIC group so my group will focus on sharing our idea with  the group

Thursday, 26 July 2018

team 4 animation 2018

so we did our animation plan for this year for us all fours so hope u like it

Friday, 29 June 2018

sky diving recount

Last Month i went sky diving in Attica .when i was  really shaking but when i jumped out we were 33.00000 feet from the ground.   and it took us a few seconds to reach the ground then we went past a mountain.  and we saw i big rocks on the mountains .and  we went pasted some more rocks on the right and t we went passed the snow on the mountain  after we went passed more snow on another mountain and it took US 10 Mins to reach the grass then i landed

Friday, 25 May 2018

tummy ache

                          this is my tummy  ache idk if u like it

assembly recount

 ...i hope u like this idk if u do

2018 choose it narrative

On one night a plane was just flying around UNTIL someone interrupted his flight then a guy with a water jet came out of nowhere HE pushed him off his plane the plane guy tackled the water jet guy down they were fighting under water UNTIL the saw there own machines fighting on themselves for hours until they ran out of power and landed on the pilots of the machines then a cyclone came and washed there machines away.they couldn't stop the cyclone s they worked together to stop it after hours they still couldn’t stop it so they both went in the  they died

Friday, 4 May 2018

forces and flight Animation

                         my animation  plan for term 2 me and my class are doing i like to move it animation
                         hope u like it BC i worked hard on it

Thursday, 5 April 2018

my mesure thng

She sees eggs. She sees milk. She sees juice.

She looks in the cabinet.
She sees cereal. She sees sugar. She sees bowls. She sees glasses.

She drinks juice from a glass.
She eats cereal with sugar and milk.
She cooks an egg.
Kim eats breakfast.
No sources were consulted in the composition of this passage.








magic number.

    hop u enjoyed my magic number :)

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

my nz birds

my NZ birds recount 

hop u enjoy :)

did u shake ur tail feathers

hop u enjoy my did u shake ur tail feather :)

Friday, 23 February 2018

the human knot

Start Writing here:
 Yesterday i woke up at 8.30 i went thru the park to go on it for a while.i was on it for a while then i got off and went to school when i got to class we went to the field.to play the human knot u need mates to do it so my team was not good at it so we restarted.then we got it done.then Mrs Moala told us to untie.then we went to class we did our writing when we did our writing we went to play.when morning tea was over we did our extra math after when done u can go on math whizz when it was 12.30 we went home.

hope u enjoyed my story :p

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

my too many possums.

2-Why are possums considered pests? Because they are hunt for pray.

2-Why are possums considered pests? Because they are hunt for pray. P

P2-Why do you think we don’t see possums very often? Because they only come out at night.

P4-Why are possums pests in NZ but not Australia? So they have no animals hunting them only.

P6-Why is it a problem having so many possums? They keep eating other animals eggs.

Friday, 9 February 2018

my what respect means to me.

What respect means to me.caring for the earth. like picking up rubbish.and helping people in need.my animation will look like a guy caring for the earth and helping people that need help.